Solutions for individuals and small companies

The business environment and technological advances are changing at an incredible pace, creating many opportunities for small companies, entrepreneurs, and family offices to compete for the same audience with large enterprises, both local and international. This opportunity to compete for the consumer's heart creates new challenges and a need for innovation to leverage the unique value proposition of your business. Deloitte Private's services are based on unique methodologies, global knowledge and experienced experts, and are tailored to your exact needs out of a deep understanding of the challenges and possibilities that exist in business, and in your organization's industry. In our solutions map, you can navigate through our different services to find those most fitting to your business needs and contact our professionals. Or you can simply use the search tool at the top menu bar to find what you are looking for.

Performance Improvement
Risk Management - Organizational, Cyber and IT
BPS - Business Process Solutions

Deloitte’s BPS (Business Process Solutions) services enable local businesses and international businesses that hold operational centers in Israel to manage administrative needs efficiently with flexibility and transparency. Our experienced professionals provide advice and practical support as well as outsourced solutions for back-office management, helping companies optimize essential operational processes.